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Our Origins

Jocelyn profile

Jocelyn has always been an entrepreneur. From a young age she was known in her local village in the Philippines as the town ‘trader’ - selling everything from cosmetics to fresh fruit. In 1999 Jocelyn moved her entire life to Spain to help support her family, in ways the economic situation in the Philippines prevented. 

Over the past 20 years Jocelyn has had numerous jobs in Spain - but there has been one consistent theme, she always rises to the top. Whenever she had the opportunity she would travel to London to visit family and friends, never missing an opportunity to take spices unavailable in the UK to the Filipino community there, and always returned with a suitcase full of ingredients from London’s markets to sell in Barcelona.

The turning point for Jocelyn’s life in Barcelona happened when she was taken on as a live-in cleaner for a local family. During her five year tenure, her employers became like a second family to her. To thank her for her hard work the family helped her bring over her own family and her fiancé, Rene, even sponsoring their wedding. Whilst Jocelyn worked, Rene trained at Hofmann Culinary School in the heart of Barcelona. With a passion for Filipino cooking, Rene perfected his original take on this classic Northern Filipino spicy sauce. Made from locally sourced fresh ingredients, it’s no surprise that the sauce was an immediate hit among their friends and acquaintances.

With Jocelyn's entrepreneurial spirit and Rene's culinary skills, the couple quickly built a backlog of monthly orders from friends, neighbours and even strangers on the bus.  With demand growing for their spicy sauce, the couple have decided to expand their business so they can share the authentic taste of the Northern Philippines to people from around the world.